#10: Amy Otto on Telemedicine and Mental Health

On this episode I sit down with Amy Otto who is the Director of Client Experience at VirtualMed Staff. VirtualMed Staff is a full-service telemedicine company that specializes in the placement of psychiatrists, hospitalists, and neurologists with hospitals, clinics, and medical groups across America. Amy has spent her career working in different areas of the healthcare and employee benefits industries and brought a unique set of experiences and knowledge to the discussion around telemedicine, mental health, cross state licensure and payment parody, and podcasting.





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Time stamps:

[1:06] Amy’s background 

[4:45] Telemedicine/ virtual care 

[8:20] Cross state licensure, payment parody, and psychiatrists shortages 

[13:53] VirtualMed Staff 

[19:45] Physician shortage 

[23:06] Broadband connection access 

[23:50] Day-to-day as Director of Client Experience. 

[30:25] Employer strategy around mental health 

[31:43] Virtual care and mental health 

[33:27] Mental health needs among college students 

[39:33] Atlanta Business Radio Show 

[44:21] Interview prep [47:08] The Power of Moments 

[49:57] Purchase of $100 or less